Important elements to take into consideration when valuing FedEx route packages are gross revenue, fleet condition, fleet value and route density. All of these elements collectively determine the net profitability of any FedEx operation. The value of your business will ultimately be based on some multiple of the net cash flow. Other factors that may influence the desirability of any FedEx operation are growth potential, ISP readiness, geographical location, etc. However, in the end, aside from profitability, different buyers have different key objectives. As a result, every operation is going to be desirable to the right buyer.

Where possible, it is most desirable as a seller to attain a cash buyer. However, if your operation is financeable, it broadens the buyer field considerably. US Route Sales has a broad database of potential buyers and will make every effort to attain a cash buyer where possible. We also have access to exclusive non-SBA financing that may allow a buyer who would not otherwise be able to purchase FedEx routes.

If you are interested in selling your FedEx operation, our personnel will be happy to assist you with the valuation process and work with you to get started. We will use our extensive experience with FedEx contractors to guide you from start to finish through the process. USRS takes great pride in offering the most comprehensive broker program anywhere in the market and we look forward to earning your business and partnering with you to make this process as easy as possible.

Getting prepared

The most common items needed to accurately determine the market value of your business are:

  1. Corporate tax returns
  2. Current-year Profit & Loss statement
  3. Fleet summary including year, make, model, and mileage

Note: If the above items are not available, it is still possible to establish the market value using other metrics. USRS personnel will be happy to assist you in that case.