US Route Sales, Inc. (USRS) takes great pride in its depth of knowledge of the FedEx Contractor program. In addition, USRS is unique from many other brokers in its approach to dealing with buyers. We are much more than a match-maker who simply introduces buyers and sellers, collects a deposit, and walks away from the process. We work tirelessly with full transparency every step — from initial inquiry to closing — to make sure that all parties fully understand the process. We believe this combination of knowledge, transparency, and program completeness is invaluable to all buyers, especially those purchasing for the first time.

If you are interested in purchasing FedEx routes, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with getting started. If we don’t have routes listed that meet your needs, we will use our extensive database of contractors to locate what you are looking for.

How the process works.

Step 1:  Interested party contacts USRS to express interest in available routes.

Step 2:  USRS and interested party connect and have initial conversation.

Step 3:  Execution of non-disclosure agreement is completed.

Step 4:  An information packet is provided to interested party by USRS.

Step 5:  USRS and interested party have follow-up conversation to clarify or provide additional information as needed.

Step 6:  A Letter of Intent is submitted by interested party.

Step 7:  The purchase and escrow agreements are finalized with an earnest deposit wire transferred to the escrow agent.

Step 8:  Buyer visits terminal with seller to submit application to become a FedEx contractor and to meet terminal management.

Step 9:  Buyer and seller work with FedEx to complete request for the route transfer and all required actions to complete FedEx consent to transfer.

Step 10: Transfer of routes to buyer and distribution of funds is completed.