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Bruce and Charlie Baird have more than 15 years of experience in dealing with the intricacies of the FedEx system through various perspectives and many more working with large-scale logistics. From understanding the financial aspects to facilitating the transfer of the FedEx business, the Bairds and their staff bring a unique set of skills and knowledge to the table with each transaction.
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Buy Routes

US Route Sales makes buying a route an easy, straightforward process. We will accompany you from start to finish, from locating a premium route in your desired area and navigating the FedEx approval process to closing the sale. Our experience ensures a positive outcome for both buyer and seller.
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Sell Routes

Determining your route’s value can seem like a daunting task. US Route Sales will guide you through the process by working with your banking institution to compile the necessary financial statements to produce a proper valuation. Then, we will market your route to a catalogue of qualified buyers.
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Ask Us

Our website is only a starting point. As a buyer, browse through our listings for routes that may interest you, submit your contact information, and then let’s talk! As a seller, submit your contact questionnaire and we will call you back promptly. There’s never an obligation — only solutions!
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Frequently Asked Questions

FedEx personnel approves new contractors on a case by case basis. We often see new contractors approved that have no logistics or similar industry experience.

There are several steps in the process to complete the final approval to transfer routes from the seller to the buyer. The process will likely take a minimum of 30 days.

Independent Service Provider

Typically FedEx contracts are 3-year term.

It is possible to acquire SBA financing for the purchase of FedEx Routes, however the process typically requires a minimum of 8 weeks for approval. Sellers often are not willing to entertain a buyer that requires SBA financing. This is determined on a case by case basis.

Traditional lending channels will often not finance the purchase of FedEx routes. US Route Sales does have a number of financing options available to qualified buyers and often can assist buyers in acquiring financing.

FedEx contractors are paid as a 1099 contractor on a weekly basis based on the activity for the previous week, plus any period or quarterly bonuses due.

Yes, all FedEx contractor vehicles are owned by the contract entity. All service, operating and maintenance cost of the vehicles is also the responsibility of the contractor.

Determining the value of a FedEx operation is very similar to valuing any other business. It is important to take into consideration cash flow, asset value, market comps, growth opportunity and return on investment. The experienced staff at US Route Sales will work closely with you to determine the value of your business.

No. In order to operate as FedEx contractor your entity must be a corporation.


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